Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Sunday was my 32nd birthday, and I celebrated with Mickey Mouse. Lol. I'll always be a kid at heart.

But on a more reflective and meaningful note, I've compiled a list of top joys and journeys of this past year of life. Most of you won't weather the entire list, but it's been a wonderful exercise for me to compile and post it, reflecting on and boasting in God's great goodness and blessings--even in the midst of life's stresses and challenges. I am loving my thirties!! God is faithful...

In no particular order, here are 32 of "my favorite things" from this last year:

1. Returning to the stage after a seven-year absence! (see #2-4!) Yay theater!!
2. "Noah and the Ark"
3. "It's a Wonderful Life"
3. "Snow White"
4. "The Visit"
5. Returning to the classroom last August.
6. Discovering I actually love 8th graders! (I'd always sworn it was the one grade I'd never teach.)
7. Taking my annual trip to visit best friends in Washington, D.C.
8. Moving back to Redlands (I love this quaint little town! You can't go anywhere without seeing someone you know. Just like Mayberry.)
9. Continuing my voice lessons with Guy Babusek in Orange County. Guy is fabulous!
10. Renewing some old friendships and making some new ones (Dustin Ceithamer, Sarah Beth Mollner, Tai Wazdetsky, Erin Allen, Tim Mahoney, Sarah Ayotte.....). These dear ones have greatly encouraged me in the Lord, made me laugh my head off, taught me oodles, and inspired me to keep growing and living my life to the fullest!
11. Living with two amazing roommates, Sarah Day and Merea Price--two girls who have patiently loved me, encouraged me, forgiven me, and taught me so much by their lives of faith.
12. Breaking free from some major spiritual strongholds!
13. Talking to, learning from, enjoying, and adoring my mom in huge ways.
14. Hanging out with my not-so-li'l siblings: Katy (14), Christopher (12), Nathan (10).
15. Road trips, outings, and heart-to-heart talks with big siblings: Jonathan, David and Heather (due with Lil Langley in August!).
16. Laughing with and learning from my dear dad. He is still such a provider and protector for me.
17. Trips into L.A. and Hollywood.
18. Memorizing chunks of Scripture to music.
19. Celebrating my Papa's life at an amazing coronation service last June.
20. Receiving grace upon grace and forgiveness upon forgiveness from too many people to list here.
21. Karen Race's visits here... and my surprise visit there for her 30th birthday.
22. Attending too many theater shows and productions to count. Makes me so happy!
23. Hosting dinners and brunches and lunches in my home(s). Such a joy!
24. Angels baseball. Gators football. Enough said.
25. Running 2 miles on a fairly regular basis. (This is a big deal. Be impressed.)
26. Getting a pixie haircut. Scary, crazy, risky. Bows and flowers are lifesavers.
27. Shopping at Trader Joe's where several employees are now my friends.
28. Disneyland trips.
29. Cleansing for two weeks. (This included giving up coffee and living to tell about it.)
30. Loving my church family and seeing God do awesome things in our midst! (A shout-out to my amazing small group!!)
31. Missing best friends who are faithfully serving Jesus around the world.
32. Enjoying my Lord in new and precious and rich and deep ways. He has filled my heart with a greater contentment and hope than ever before. Knowing, loving, and serving Him is such an adventure!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A roommate, a marriage, and a mission field

Our dorm rooms were across the hall from each other during my first year of college, but for all practical purposes, we were roommates. Some called us inseparable.

Nina was sunshine and laughter (still is), and we packed in more memories in those days than seems humanly possible now. Staying up all night helped the cause.

Nina met the man of her dreams at our college (San Diego Christian), and my initial dislike for him quickly turned to admiration and respect. Brooks and Nina were perfect for each other (still are), and shortly after God blessed them with little Beau, He sent them to minister to a remote tribe in the heart of Papua New Guinea.

You can read of their amazing adventure on their blog (link to the left). And pray as this precious tribal people hears the gospel for the very first time.

I wish bestest friends wouldn't move away. But eternity will show how necessary it was that they did.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Importance of Gender

This last week was Spring Break... and a much-needed visit with best friends in Washington, D.C. One of the highlights of this annual trip is attending Karen and Carlynne's church, Capitol Hill Baptist, where Mark Dever pastors. His sermon on Sunday was phenomenal--a must-hear! =)

Click on the link and enjoy!