Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm still here.

August 2007 is a month to remember. In two weeks' time, I moved into a new apartment with new roommates, changed jobs, and performed in a 24-show run. My weekends were spent at the theater, and my weekdays were spent at work (I had one day in between jobs), so moving had to happen on the weeknights... little by little, box by box. I was also setting up my new classroom and throwing together lesson plans, as I was hired two weeks before school started. It was an exciting, exhausting time! The cherry-on-top was having two of my best friends, Karen and Carlynne (above) visit, along with Carlynne's wonderful hubby and adorable baby Caleb!

I love being back in the classroom teaching English to teens!! And I've discovered an effective new way to keep my students' attention: by dressing up as Elastigirl. (This is classroom management at its finest!)

(Yes, I really taught in this get-up all day long.)
The Angels made me weep this year, but not before the Fearsome Foursome got to take in a game or two... (I love my bros and sis-in-law!)

(Please note the short-sleeve shirts and my scarf. Undoubtedly I was wearing flip-flops, too. Southern California just messes a girl up, ya know?)

My dear lifelong best friend, Christy (and her husband Joey and beautiful baby Claire) just moved to Bangladesh two weeks ago. I am so blessed to have friends who lay down their lives so that others may come to know Jesus. (But I miss 'em, too!)

And that, my blogging friends, is a poor attempt to make up for my three months' absence. I hope to blog more faithfully now that life is back to "normal" insane, instead of impossibly insane.

May your hearts be richly encouraged in Jesus and may you laugh painfully hard at least once today! More later...